Bags & Accessories

Belt Multicolor
Genuine leather with Mayan Fabric.
Bracelet Sets
Set of 2 friendship bracelets.
Six designs to choose from.
Coin Purse
Made of Comalapa fabric.
Coin Purse Rococo
Hand embroidered Rococo style.
Crochet Coin Purse
Woven in Crochet.
Earrings & Bracelet Set
Made of Coffee Beans. Free shipping.
Embroidered Bag
Hand embroidered in Chichicastenango.
Product is out of stock
Güipil Recycled Mayan Handbag
Recycled from Mayan Güipiles.
Hacky Sack Balls
3 balls per pack.
Handbag Nebaj
Handbag with shoulder strap.
Handbag Rococo
Hand-embroidered bag Rococo style.
Hobo Bag
Shoulder or Cross-body strap.
Pouch Rococo
Shoulder Strap Pouch Rococo style.
Wakami Earth Bracelet
Set of five.
Water Bottle Case
Made from Huipil.