Embroidered Pillow
12 x 12 inches.
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Chichicastenango design.
Water Bottle Case
Made from Huipil.
Belt Multicolor
Genuine leather with Mayan Fabric.
Earrings & Bracelet Set
Made of Coffee Beans. Free shipping.
Hot Sauce Picamas Green
Bottle 7.05 oz.
Hot Sauce Picamas Red
Bottle 7.05 oz
Embroidered Bag
Hand embroidered in Chichicastenango.
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Handbag Rococo
Hand-embroidered bag Rococo style.
Corn fritters. Lime, Barbecue or Frijoles Volteados. Bag 180 g
Chocolate Crispin
5 pack.
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Dark Chocolate
1/2 pound drinkable chocolate.
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Güipil Recycled Mayan Handbag
Recycled from Mayan Güipiles.
Pouch Rococo
Shoulder Strap Pouch Rococo style.
Handbag Nebaj
Handbag with shoulder strap.
Coin Purse Rococo
Hand embroidered Rococo style.
Coin Purse
Made of Comalapa fabric.
Crochet Coin Purse
Woven in Crochet.