About Us

Guatemala4ever.com is a website created to satisfy the need and desire of acquiring products from The Mayan Land. Shop for nostalgic food, which is hard to find in the US, and handcrafts made by local Mayan Artisans.


Guatemala is considered the center of the Mayan Culture having over 6 million descendants, 15 frequently visited archaeological sites and 23 currently spoken languages.

Its topography includes 37 volcanoes and mountains which offer a diverse type of climate conducive to growing a variety of crops.
Colorful patterns and details are the signature of Mayan Handcrafts, offering a sense of passion and history with each unique piece.
Colorful Patterns

This enchanting site and its products are offered with our committed to giving you quality products and impeccable service. Place your order from anywhere in the world, and we will deliver it to you, your relative or friend within the United States.


We are a professional team aware of our environment and social responsibility. For these reasons we have chosen suppliers who share our vision, as well as artisans who are treated and paid fairly. A percentage of sales is donated to recognized charity organizations.


Our deepest desire is that you feel at home when navigating our website, and that by acquiring our products you have the opportunity to enjoy the Treasures and Delicacies of the Mayan Land.